Your help is greatly appreciated

To keep our organisation alive and kicking, we rely heavily on generous folks from all around the world. Team Pop-Ups spend their time ensuring that advocates are connected and well informed about the current ideas on play through their social media work, and through training and workshops.

If you would like to support us in our work, please consider making a donation to our little UK based charity (#1148987) to continue working with our diverse and growing network of contacts from over 20 countries:

Just $1 USD donation will keep us supplied with tape for the next Pop-Up. Just $10 USD will buy us 2 pairs of scissors. A $50 USD donation will keep our social media and newsletters brimming with ideas for a week and $100 USD will enable us to provide training to a community via Skype. A generous $500 USD will help us to physically travel to a community and train them in person, while $1000 USD will fund a playworker's full training as part of our Playworker Travelling Fund.

Thank you so much for your support!

~ Team Pop-Up Adventure Play


We'd like to thank the following donors and sponsors for their continued support:
Queenie Tan
Mr and Mrs Law
Louise Wark
Kieran McGeehan
Marc Armitage
Courtney Gardner
Chelsey Bahe
Yulia Borisova
Stephen Rennie
Jean Simpson
Louise Bensen
Susan Caruso
Jane Bergin
Sarah McCalden
Pat and Sean McSherry
Amy Fusselman
Jill and Patrick Miral
Kelsey Langley
Ric Carter
Lee Davies
Nadia Wong
Lisa and Andy Lee
Angel Wong
Fiona Chan
Heather Von Bank
Erica and Jeremiah Dockray
Mary Shapiro
Christabel and James Mui
Clement and Fiona Law lots of other amazing people!

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