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Pop-Up Adventure Play's Anna has written a lovely series of posts on play based on her observations of children at play through our work at Pop-Up Adventure Play, and of her two young daughters. Here are the titles in the series so far:

play = voice
"What happens when children don’t play? They stop listening to the “voice that speaks inside”. They loose their own voice. What happens when children lose their voice? Well, in a world where democracy is the gold standard, where we must believe that each of us has something important to say, let’s not ever let this happen."
play = teaching and learning
"Whether in a pretend office, a game invented on the playground, or a curious observation explored by a team of students collaborating with their classroom teacher, children play and learn best when we enroll them in the process and, in turn, allow children to enroll us."
play = power
"Play can offer deep comfort partly because it allows us to create our own sense of control or power in our lives."
play = two piles of woodchips
"When woodchips are combined with other aspects of the playground, play reaches a “tipping point” of sorts. Children expand their thinking away from the permanent, static structures of the space, and a new type of play begins." 
play = comfort
"On that day, one of the most terrifying days of my life, and numerous times since, Alex and Eliza have reminded me that play is often the best solace we can offer and the most comforting gift we can receive."
play = conflict
"There is a monster in my house. She is 3 ½ years old and her name is Eliza."

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