Monday, 25 December 2017

End of Year Reflections - So Long, 2017

By Morgan

Since founding Pop-Up Adventure Play, we've worked in two main arenas - to share playwork ideas as widely as we can, and to help both new and dedicated playworkers connect with one another.  This year, those efforts felt at times more important than ever.

Perhaps you heard we held a Campference?  In February, nearly one hundred of us gathered to talk and play, share and plan. Of course, we were nearly washed away by the state-emergency level storm and flooding, but playworkers are resilient folk!

Maybe we met you in Canada?  This summer, the little yellow car made its triumphant return as it took three of us coast to coast!  One courageous board member visited in Calgary, where we caught up with international friends and fellow playworkers at the IPA Triennial Conference.  We drove 10,000 km to deliver training public workshops and screenings of The Land, visiting cities and rural communities where this information is needed most.

If you're a student on the Playworker Development Course, you might be interested to know we now have 236 students in 18 countries.  We're very proud to have students that represent or began some of the best playwork programming around.

Lastly, our latest online professional development opportunity is Playful Schools Online.  This is a new, online-only course designed for anyone supporting play at recess or in after-school provision.  This is a powerful opportunity to impact the lives of so many children, as well as a tricky situation to navigate.  Our course provides case studies of projects we've supported, and guidance around several common barriers.

As always, we've continued to offer a steady flow of articles and links to encourage and connect you to all that's out there!  This is an interesting time in play, without a doubt.  Since 2010 we've seen a dramatic rise in interest in adventure playgrounds and adventure play, and we're proud to have a role in locating playwork at the heart of that conversation.

All of this is for you, beloved Friend of Pop-Ups, and none of it would be possible without your curiosity, interest and hard work.  We support one another, to keep on supporting children's play.

In short, 2017 may not have always been easy, but it has been an honor.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Prioritizing Play Conference: Save the Date

By Zan

We are pleased to announce that together with our friends at Kid Owned and Operated Play (KOOP), we will be organising a play conference on 3rd-5th May 2018. Naomi and Kelsey of KOOP are both students of ours on the Playworker Development Course and we are delighted that they have asked us to help make this event happen next year. Anyone who is interested in exploring more about play is welcome to join us in Illinois, USA for the first ever Prioritizing Play Conference.

We have a few short months to do lots of things so watch this space for more. If you have any questions, please contact