Monday, 5 June 2017

Press Release: Pop-Up Adventure Play empowers play programmes across Canada ahead of 20th IPA Triennial World Conference


Pop-Up Adventure Play empowers play programmes across Canada ahead of 20th IPA Triennial World Conference

Pop-Up Adventure Play have confirmed workshops and hands-on practical sessions with organisations and play enthusiasts across eight Provinces of Canada.

Following the huge success of their 2014 US Tour and 2015 World Tour, UK-based charity Pop-Up Adventure Play are heading to Canada to support and inspire play enthusiasts and organisations countrywide. The team will be on the road from July 20th to September 19th inclusive, travelling east to west in one summer-long adventure!

The Pop-Ups Canada Tour 2017 will showcase inspiring play provision from around the world, providing a range of training, workshops, pop-up adventure playgrounds alongside screenings of ‘The Land’, a documentary of unique, raw footage from an adventure playground in Wales, UK.

UK-born Suzanna Law who is studying for a PhD in the field, co-founded the organisation to train and support communities everywhere to make room for child-directed play. "Children everywhere need time and space to play in their own way, but they are not getting enough of those opportunities," says Law. "We at Pop-Up Adventure Play want to support people and organisations everywhere to help broaden its understanding and its importance in a much wider context"

The tour currently has 10 confirmed locations, commencing in Halifax NS, before passing through Montreal QC, then onto London ON, Toronto ON, Winnipeg MB, Edmonton AB, Vancouver BC, and concluding in Calgary AB for the IPA Triennial world conference, which will host some of world’s leading academics and thinkers of children’s play.

Pop-Up Adventure Play have been advocating for children's play since 2010 through the support, kindness  and generosity of likeminded individuals, organisations and the wider community. In a bid to reach out to some of the hard-to-reach and low-income communities across Canada, the team have launched their crowdfunder page where they aim to raise £5000 in 30 days to bring isolated advocates together. 

Press release PDF available here.

Pop-Up Adventure Play is a UK registered charity #1148987
For more information, please contact Suzanna Law, Co-Founder and Head of Communications using

Friday, 2 June 2017

Geronimo 2017

By Zan

After much organising and some epic geometrical loose parts stuffing into our cars, Pop-Ups Andy and I found ourselves in the middle of a field and under a giant tent. This would be the site of our 3-day pop-up adventure playground at the Geronimo Festival, this year held at Arley Hall, Cheshire. With our two trusty recruits, Joanne and David, we emptied our cars, staged some boxes and were away! Here are some photos of our playful long weekend:

Some tiny people came to type on the computer, and stayed for a long time to explore our loose parts.

Some bigger people made some big things. Sometimes we don't know what these things are, but it is the process that matters.

The biggest people did some playing too - this is a giraffe that was almost as tall as the tent! The children participated, but even the adults admitted that this was their giraffe and not the kid's.

This little player spent ages in this box, putting things here and there and everywhere, dressed perfectly for the occasion.

"This is a car and I am driving". Of course it is, and for a good few minutes too.

This is a set of brother, sister robots. Their parents helped a little bit but this was their idea. They may have spent a long long time dressed like this.

This is our box wall created at the end of the festival for children to run into and push over. It was quite a hit, with the children and the adults. It's not often you get invited into destruction.

This our tape ball, so big that you could sit on it. It just goes to show that from waste things you can still make play things!

These brothers were hilarious. They were clearly tired, but really wanted to keep on playing, so they just bashed every box they could find into pulp. It must have been their way of signifying the end of the festival - their "end game" as it were. And then red one went home as a robot.

I'll admit that when I agreed to host a Pop-Up at a children's festival - a festival that had circus people, sheep shearers, harp players and jousters - that we would lose out and noone would come to our tent to play. It seems like I had nothing to worry about. The conversations that we overheard between parent and child always seemed to be some sort of negotiation based loosely around the fact that the children didn't want to go anywhere else. It was wonderful to know that child-led play was so appealing that our tent was always busy and buzzing with activity. There were so many great moments, and so many glorious opportunities for children to assert their right to play that on a few occasions, I felt a little emotional. I'm really glad we went to Geronimo, and I hope that I'll get to pop-up there again in the future.

To see more photos from Geronimo, check out the facebook photos here. To follow the adventures of Pop-Ups Zan, visit her personal blog. To visit our website, please visit