Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Where in the World Should Team Pop-Ups Go?

By Zan

A couple of years ago, I declared to Morgan that we would go on a tour of the USA. I'm not sure that she took me seriously. I'm not even sure I took myself seriously. But around 6 months later, we were sat in a tiny yellow car in snowy Massachusetts and we set off for a two month adventure.

Now, 18 months later, I'm declaring a new adventure to Morgan: a round the world trip.

We were honoured to be invited to Australia earlier this year by Team Malarkey and met some wonderful play advocates doing great things Down Under. They invited us back again in October this year to do it all over again, and we're excited - but one thing's for sure, I didn't enjoy the flight over there. It was simply too long and too far in one go. So I started thinking, how on earth do I get myself and Morgan over to Australia without feeling imprisoned by a plane for over 20 hours?

The answer dawned on me like an amazing sunrise - we would take shorter flights and stop all the way there. And while grounded, why not take a few days to meet the locals, and do a little playwork? We could go to places which have reached out to us before, support out work, and continue to encourage us as we promote the importance of play. Oh, and to top off a great idea, why don't we also fly back home the other way around the world? This was a magical moment.

It's been a few months since this initial idea, but it's been percolating. Now the rich flavour of this adventure is ready to be revealed to you all: ladies and gentlemen - Pop-Up Adventure Play is going on a World Tour.

We have been talking to our friends and connections and have a rough idea of which route we will be taking to Australia - we will be starting from the UK, and travel west to the US, nip past Costa Rica and then to Australia. After that, it's anyone's guess, but we'd love to go to Singapore, Hong Kong and anywhere that will take us!

So, ladies and gentlemen, where do you think we should go? We've reached out to you a couple of times on social media, and even infiltrated your inboxes to ask for ideas, but now we ask you directly: do you have a little time, some motivation and a little funding (honestly, we're not asking for much) to host Pop-Up Adventure Play as part of their World Tour?

Get in touch with us for more information - we really want to come and see you. You can decide how this tour plays out and be part of an amazing adventure.

To find out more about this adventure, please email or contact us via our facebook, twitter or our website

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