Sunday, 17 May 2015

National Children's Day 2015

By Zan

We were excited today to be celebrating National Children's Day this year in Bradford. Andy, one of our Board members and I ran a little Pop-Up today! We did a little promoting, brought loads of loose parts, did a little staging and let the children come to us! Here are some photos:

We took lots of loose parts. We're not sure where the helmet came from but we had it!

The loose parts included these giant tubes which they loved throwing on the ground to make a really loud "PONK" sound.

There were quiet moments too - some very intensive creative things were done.

Children played together, giggled together, and drew together.

This brother sister combo made a sledge with their mum and took it in turns pulling eachother around the room.

This young lady saw some straws, declared she was making a kite, and then shouted me to go outside to see it in action!

It was a quiet little Pop-Up, but we saw lots of action, and lots of play. Andy and I were able to spend some quality time with the children as playworkers, and were able to be invited into play with our adult agendas placed to one side. I suppose that's what National Children's Day UK is all about. It's a day to celebrate the rights of children, and to put them first! Today we celebrated their right to play (UNCRC article 31), and through this opportunity we also exercised their right to choice (article 14), their right to speak their own mind (article 13), and their right to hang out with whoever they want (article 15). That's a lot of rights celebrated in one day, but it shouldn't just be a one day only thing - this should be every day.

We want everyone to know that Pop-Up Adventure Play celebrates children's rights, especially their right to play, every day.

Happy National Children's Day everyone - hope you celebrated with some play today!

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