Monday, 4 August 2014

Pop-Up Stories from New Haven: Guest Writer

By Wendy Garcia

We're delighted to have Wendy guest write this blogpost, giving us the highlights of a Pop-Up Adventure Playground she hosted on 19th July in New Haven. Wendy approached us to help her run a Pop-Up and we provided her with guidance and resources for her event. Wendy runs Lets Take It Outside, a newly formed organisation to help promote child-directed play in New Haven. Thanks for writing this for us, Wendy!

Our Pop-Up Adventure Playground during East Shore Day was great fun for all who joined us! Kids of all ages came to create, share, build, collaborate and imagine. Many left with their creations, others left theirs for others to (re)imagine and enjoy.

I could hear parents' amazement as they would realize that their kids didn't need their guidance as they created - it was wonderful to hear one mother's surprised but impressed exclamation "Wow - it looks like you have your own agenda for this thing!" as her young daughter embarked on a child-directed creative journey that ended up lasting well over an hour.

One of my favorite moments was when another mom asked "You don't want him to cut this beautiful fabric, do you?" and I could smile and say "Absolutely! Today is all about saying Yes!" - and seeing both mom and son light up with smiles in response.

Thank you to Suzanna and Morgan at Pop-Up Adventure Play for your guidance leading up to our event; our Pop-Up Adventure Playground was hours of smiles and fun and adventure - I'm looking forward to our next one!

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