Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Pop-Up at the Co-op

By Zan

The Co-Operative Academy of Manchester asked us back to their school for another 2 days of Pop-Up Adventure Family Play. It was a great couple of days of play with some great moments: moments which I will be talking about for a long time, and moments that I hope the children will take home as landmark memories of their own.

"Look what I made"

"My Dad is the best"

"This is a floatation device"

*poke the camera*

"This is the roof"

"He's allowed in because he is small"

"This is my coat"

"Look at my house"

"This is blue"

"It has a scope and everything"

Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds always have a habit of looking very busy, very messy, but once you set aside your adult instincts to tidy up, you realise just how much the children are benefiting, are gaining from the opportunity just to do their own thing: play.

A big thank you to the Co-Operative Academy of Manchester for having us back - until next time! 

If you want to find out more about the two days of play, please visit Zan's personal blog. If you want to see more photos, please visit the album on our facebook page.

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