Monday, 11 March 2013

Pop-Ups @ The National Playwork Conference

By Zan

This time last week, Morgan and I were roadtripping down to Eastbourne, right on the south coast of the British Isles. We were on our way to the 11th National Playwork Conference, hosted by Meynell Games. Both Morgan and I were presenting twice at the conference, so people had 4 different opportunities to get a little Pop-Up awesomeness into their lives. Not only that, because Morgan received the Playwork Writer award last year, she was asked to present an award at the 4th Annual Playwork Awards this year. It was a marvelous occasion, with great food and brilliant company.

Here are some photos of our conference adventure:

Everyone helped to make this giant swing in the main hall of the Winter Gardens. It was our play.

This is Morgan preparing for a session. She may not have had enough coffee here yet.

Much more coffee later, Morgan catches up with Bob Hughes.

This was in my session, "Playing Through Toy Crazes". These lovely people are making their very own pet rocks.

This is Morgan presenting the award for Training Provider.

And this is the Winter Gardens main hall. Isn't it beautiful, with balloons and chandeliers?

The trouble with traveling with me is that you have a lot of photos of yourself in my camera, and this is true of Morgan this time! I know she's not always very pleased about this.

The Eastbourne Playwork Conference was fantastic for both myself and Morgan, and I hope it was for the other 298 delegates too. A big thank you to everyone who helped out and a HUGE thank you to Meynell and his team. I definitely hope to come back again next year and once again connect with a hall full of fantastic playworkers.

For more about the conference from Zan's point of view, have a little peek at her blog. For photos and fun from Pop-Ups in general, please come visit us on Facebook.

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