Sunday, 30 December 2012

A Wonderful Pop-Up Year

By Zan

At the end of every year, the holiday festivities always gives us a moment to look back on the last 12 months and reflect. For Pop-Up Adventure Play, this really has been some year!

In the US: 
We did training in Largo, Florida which amounted to a city-wide play day! We've also done lots of little play events across the country including places like in New York and in Boston. We can't forget that we popped up in MoMA and became an art installation for a day! We've also made lots of friends in the US and have encouraged others to go advocate for play in their own way.

In the UK:
We set up our Pop-Up Adventure Play (UK) charity and have begun fund raising. We also ran very successful Pop-Up Play Shops in Cardiff and in Paignton. Around the UK we also did Mini Pop-Ups to celebrate various occasions like Sports Relief and the Queen's Jubilee! Oh, and have we mentioned we might be in a book? More to come soon!

Our Global Network:
As the importance of play is spread across the world, so too is the name of Pop-Up Adventure Play. By the time Morgan came back from a training week in Belgium we had gained contacts in Costa Rica, Colombia, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Mexico, Tanzania and Canada, as well as Belgium, UK and US of course. For us, this is completely amazing - our little organisation is only beginning to find our feet and people are already helping us to run! We can't be thankful enough!

We really was a great year for us at Pop-Up Adventure Play. We thank each and every one of you for your encouragement and support as we ready ourselves for another wonderful Pop-Up year.

Happy New Year from Team Pop-Up Adventure Play. And the two little people in a box.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Adventures in Belgium

By Morgan

I went to Belgium! It was as part of a Youth In Action-funded international training program and followed on from a trip I made to Leuven last February.

The organizer, Joost Capiau of C.I.S, invited me to help with the training portion, and together we led participants from Macedonia, Montenegro, Belgium and Malta through a range of theories, approaches and experiences towards work in play and games.  We leaned heavily on a grid we'd developed together in Leuven, because it was such a useful way of showing how such different approaches as ours (educational games and playwork) were still connected.  I am writing more on the grid, and some of the theories and experiences we discussed during this week, on my other blog.

The training week itself was amazing and so much fun to do! 
Here are some images from the "indoors" portion, when we did group exercises, and talked about the various roles and responsibilities a playworker might assume.

Here are some from the outdoors, when we practiced staging a play space, and had some much-needed running-wild time of our own.

And here are some, from when the children came.  The mud fight was pretty epic but soon swept aside by a MONUMENTAL PAINT WAR.  They built mazes and forts, played at being monsters and doctors and adventurers, and looked at us baffled when we failed to understand Dutch.  Here are some of the children, quickly wiped and handed their snacks, before we put them back on their bus.

For exciting ideas and adventures from Pop-Up Adventure Play, please join our facebook page. For more about Morgan's adventures in play, please visit her wonderful blog!