Friday, 18 May 2012

Spirit of Adventure Play Conference 2012

By Zan

Morgan and I were lucky enough to attend the Spirit of Adventure Play Conference this year, and we were both very excited. Play Wales organises this conference every year, and it is arguably the best playwork conference in the UK. I know I had a lot of fun there, and met a lot of people and was so busy that I almost forgot to take photos! I only have very few photos, but here they are:

Excitement about the conference
Morgan and Grant Lambie,
Morgan and me just after our second workshop
Me and Bob Hughes!
Important Pop-Up paperwork :)
The Pop-Up Adventure Play hosted Pop-Up Play Shop workshop went very well - Morgan lead on this presentation and I contributed here and there. We got a lot of really good feedback, (and a few fist bumps!) and everyone was generally very positive about the project. I was very pleased, and Morgan was beaming!

I can't speak for Morgan, but I know I learnt a lot about playworkers during the conference. I also learnt a lot about playwork, and about myself. What a wonderful place to be inspired in this way! I'm really looking forward to going to Spirit 2013, and am really excited to reconnect with some of these wonderful people!

For more of Suzanna's thoughts about the conference boogie on over to her blog. She'd be delighted to have you visit!

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